Updated Mask Policy PLEASE-READ

Spokane Judo community:
As you know, the Department of Health updated the statewide mask policy last week (8/18). It went into effect yesterday (Monday, 8/23).
Here is the link for those wanting to see the Department of Health announcement:
link to DOH Update

The important guideline related to contact sports was an exception to the mask requirement for indoor athletes:

NO MASKS NEEDED FOR “…Athletes who play indoor sports and who are actively engaged in competition or practice (masks are still required on sidelines and in team meetings).”

What does this mean for Spokane Judo?

  1. Until the policy changes, we all must wear masks before practice starts and when practice ends (this includes laying out/picking up mats). NO MASKS NEEDED ON THE MAT ONCE PRACTICE STARTS.
  2. Family members and visitors who are not practicing must also wear masks (kids under 5 do not need to wear masks).
  3. We know this is a hassle.
    Our goal is to stay open. Let’s all work together to avoid being closed down.

    Hopefully this will be over soon.

    Thank you for your help in keeping Spokane Judo open!

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