Awesome showing at Battle by the Lake!!

So proud of all the judoka who showed up and fought hard! Grateful to the folks at Pacific for coaching and guiding our players ~ they’ve really kept us going. Our judoka fought with strong technique ~ 5 brought home bronze (Warren, Nursultan, Stefan, Aries & Sensei Sam); Aries and Marigold also won 2nd and 1st, respectively!

Update on the future of Spokane Judo

Dear Spokane Judo friends,
Despite working quite hard to find a suitable space, the search continues. We expect that we will have more information by summer.  We know that’s a long time, and we too are frustrated.
As you all know, Pacific has been incredibly gracious in letting us practice with them. Because we don’t want to abuse their hospitality, please contact
Sensei Leigh about paying dues until we find a space.  I think their monthly dues are quite similar to ours.
Sensei Leigh’s email is: Pacific Judo EMail

We know this has been very hard on everyone.  Spokane Judo will be back 😊
Thank you for your continued patience,

Rocking’ the Gem State Open!!

In an outstanding show of skill and fierce determination this weekend, Aries brought home the Gold AND Silver!!

From a beautiful O soto into harai combination, seamless transitioning from standing to groundwork and – most importantly from Sensei Brett’s perspective – an awesome and effective shimewaza, Aries excelled!!

Getting the gold 😎
Showing excellent sportsmanship😊
And bringing home additional hardware🙌

We are also so grateful to Pacific Judo Academy for all their support at the tournament (and for permitting us to continue training while we look for a space❤️🥋)!!

Update on Spokane Judo

Happy New Year

We have not yet been able to locate a home for Spokane Judo.
We have several possible options but the holidays made things more challenging.
As a short term option for our members to keep practicing, Pacific Judo has been kind enough to allow our members to join their practices.
Pacific Judo class is Tuesday/Thursday, 6:00-7:00 for kids and 7:00-8:30 for adults.

Hope to see everyone Tuesday at Pacific.

Next Champion Tournament 12/16/3023

5 competitors from Spokane Judo showed great technique and excellent persistence at the Athol tournament this past weekend!

Syd showed grit and determination at her very first tournament ~ she managed a pin and a throw, using what she learned. Great persistence Syd!

Q had strong matches and took home bronze in 2 divisions ~ well done Q!

Warren’s tournament performance was marked with a *beautiful* Osoto-gari, truly impressive! He took home silver in 2 divisions ~ fantastic!

Nursultan showed fierce spirit as well, capturing gold and silver in his divisions! Excellent!

Aries likewise fought hard and showed strong technique ~ bringing home 1st and 3rd in her divisions! Awesome!

Warren’s 2 silver medals!
Nursultan’s throw, to the pin, to the win!

Spokane Judo would like to thank the parents, Hal, and Simpai Chris for supporting/coaching the kids so well!

Warm thanks and appreciation to Sensei Jen for creating this outstanding opportunity for our kids!! Gratitude also to Sensei Leigh from Pacific for all her support!

~ if folks have additional photos, please send them on!

Spokane Judo Club Update: Important Announcement

Effective immediately, December 8th, we are unable to hold classes due to our landlord filing for bankruptcy. We are incredibly disappointed by this news and understand the inconvenience it causes our members.

We will update everyone as soon as we have information. In the meantime,
Please help us move mats out of the current space tomorrow, December 9th, at 9:30 AM.

We appreciate your understanding and support. Stay connected for updates through our website and Facebook page.

Thank you for being part of the Spokane Judo Club family.

Upcoming Lakeland Judo Events

From Lakeland Judo:

In an effort to grow judo, Lakeland Judo in Athol, Idaho (just behind Silverwood Theme Park) is offering two introductory events in December in preparation
for our upcoming 2024 tournament season.
On December 2, 2023 we will be offering a referee and rules clinic and table help clinic. This clinic will be taught by Rome Acopan Jr. from the Intermountain
Yudanshakai. This clinic is intended for judoka 13+ and orange+ for the purpose of better understanding the rules as well as developing a Jr. and Sr. Referee
team for the East Side of WA State. Attending Judoka will be given the opportunity to test for their regional referee certification.
On December 16, 2023 we will be offering a smaller two mat tournament focused on developmental competition. We will run two mats for time progression,
but will focus on a more “intimate” and “instructional” design. Our mission is to host a low stress, fun tournament where newer judoka and some more experienced
judoka along with their parents can meet others and learn the systems of a judo tournament with the intensity of upcoming regional and/or national events.
The tournament is open to all ages! My high school program is full of new white belts and my dojo is young in age and rank but growing strong. Both are
excited to meet new judo friends and attend an instructional event with sound, equal competitors.
We hope you are all able to join us. Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding the events.
Warm Regards
Jenn Schoo-Badertscher
Lakeland Judo
Viking Judo
Introductory Judo Referee Clinic

Next Champion Registration

More information

Introductory Judo Referee Clinic Handout

Next Champion Judo Tournament