Some photos from practice recently

Sensei Tim (well really Sensei Tim’s wife) was kind enough to take some photos recently at practice.
I have posted a few of them here.

Christeena & Ashton

Christeena & Ashton

Sensei Allen

Sensei Allen

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Setting up our new dojo!

Our new space is so nice…Here is the club and all the great volunteers from Pacific Judo helping us out to get set up. The new location is amazing! And, we won’t have to move mats before and after class anymore – that means more time for Judo! See you on Thursday I hope! 304 E 2nd, Thursday 6:30PM.

Setting up our new dojo!

2017 WA State Photos

Here are some photos from the recent tournament. These are in no particular order and if someone is left out, it isn’t intentional, I just don’t have your photo.

2017 Nage No Kata Clinic Photo

Thanks to the generous people at Columbia Dojo, the kata clinic was again outstanding!
Without their willingness to share their knowledge this wouldn’t be possible.
Thank you to everyone at Columbia Dojo who came up and taught the clinic.

Promotion Photos

Just a couple of photos from the junior promotions last night. I am always pleased by how well the students learn and how hard they work!

Congratulations to Calli!

Calli took 1st in the gi division and 2nd in the no gi division today at the BJJ tournament.
All her wins were with arm bars (very nice!).

Honored to Announce

I am truly honored to announce the promotions of Allen Monroe and Aleksi Lee. Their sustained hard work and dedication has earned them the rank of shodan. I wish I could say things are easier from now on but quite the opposite, we now expect more from them with regard to running the club and contributing to judo.
Their promotions were definitely deserved as they both exemplify what a shodan should be.

Allen and Aleksi Promotion

Good job Aleksi!

Aleksi won the 66KG brown belt division at the USA Senior Nationals. His hard work really paid off!

Aleksi Winning 66KG

Women’s self defense class a success

We had a great group of attendees at the class and they seemed to have a good time and learn some key techniques for avoiding, escaping, and if necessary surviving a hostile confrontation. Led by Sergeant Rich Gere, the class learned basic thought process and tactics, key vulnerable points of attackers, and a variety of strikes. They were able to practice these skills with focus pads, safety gear, and ultimately if they wished a simulated hostile confrontation with our (big) Mike Smith in a protective suit.

The class did great and despite some red knuckles from the punching, seemed to have a great time and find it valuable.

Spokane Judo was honored to host this class and thanks Sgt. Rich Gere and Officer John Yen for their time and help in teaching it, as well as providing the equipment.




Holiday Party: The Aftermath

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to the party Saturday. I enjoyed getting a chance to connect with everyone off the mat. We always workout together, but it is nice to let everyone showcase their non-judo personalities.
Now I just need a way to incorporate pushups into the event!

I was also very pleased to get an opportunity to present Elijah Lopez with his much deserved promotion to White/Yellow belt. Hopefully we will see him again at practice soon.

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