Congratulations to Sam Lui

The best part of being a judo sensei is seeing people learn judo.
The way we mark how much people are learning is through promotions.
The best promotion for me as a sensei is when a student gets their shodan.
This isn’t the end of learning in judo but the beginning, the new rank reflects a student’s sincerity and interest and deserves to be recognized. The black belt is such a recognition.

Recent Promotions

Promoting students is always my favorite part of teaching judo.
This time it was particularly memorable for two reasons.
First, this was the first set of promotions after the pandemic – these promotions had been waiting for more than a year. Second, three of these promotions are for shodan and above and these are always special as they represent milestones in the development of one’s judo.

Hal Hutchins to nikyu