Senior Nationals, no practice

We will not have our normal Saturday practice

Tomorrow and Sunday are the Senior Nationals, I encourage everyone who isn’t volunteering or competing to go and cheer everyone on.
The opening ceremony is at 8:00 tomorrow for the shiai and Sunday at 10:00 for the kata competition.
All event info and updated results are available here.

Good luck to Tay and Sensei Sam!

2023 Budokan Tournament

Spokane Judo was well-represented this weekend at the 2023 Budokan Tournament by Aries Flores who narrowly missed bring home the bronze in a very strong bracket. Her fighting shows how much she’s learned ~ she can’t wait for the next Shiai!

Aries and Jacob (from Pacific)
Aries gets her grip!
Judo family from Pacific ~ Sensei Leigh, Sensei Sam, and Jacob
After well-fought matches…

Senior Nationals Volunteers

Pacific Judo needs volunteers for the upcoming Senior Nationals.
Specifically, I would like to get at least 4 volunteers to help running a table on Saturday 5/20.
I will be bugging everyone, so the earlier you sign up to help, the less everyone has to hear about it.
The table help will have the best seat in the house for some of the best judo in the US, so don’t miss this chance to help and see some excellent judo.

Our Excellent Eight!

We could not be more proud of our judoka! Not everyone brought home medals, but ALL fought well and hard. Tournaments are tough ~ so are the competitors who show up for them!

Getting ready

Getting focused….

Warming up…
Aries takes gold!
Ivan takes gold!
Q takes silver!
Ryan takes silver!

Sensei Sam also took silver, but I didn’t get a pic…😬…Apologies!

Mike takes bronze!

Jet and Dan showed great fighting spirit and used technique well in their matches ~ we know medals are in their future!!