Next Champion Tournament 12/16/3023

5 competitors from Spokane Judo showed great technique and excellent persistence at the Athol tournament this past weekend!

Syd showed grit and determination at her very first tournament ~ she managed a pin and a throw, using what she learned. Great persistence Syd!

Q had strong matches and took home bronze in 2 divisions ~ well done Q!

Warren’s tournament performance was marked with a *beautiful* Osoto-gari, truly impressive! He took home silver in 2 divisions ~ fantastic!

Nursultan showed fierce spirit as well, capturing gold and silver in his divisions! Excellent!

Aries likewise fought hard and showed strong technique ~ bringing home 1st and 3rd in her divisions! Awesome!

Warren’s 2 silver medals!
Nursultan’s throw, to the pin, to the win!

Spokane Judo would like to thank the parents, Hal, and Simpai Chris for supporting/coaching the kids so well!

Warm thanks and appreciation to Sensei Jen for creating this outstanding opportunity for our kids!! Gratitude also to Sensei Leigh from Pacific for all her support!

~ if folks have additional photos, please send them on!

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