Spokane Judo@Inland Empire Classic

We had an outstanding showing at the Inland Empire Classic!

With our friends from Pacific Judo😊

Four students fought hard in their first tournament – way to go Eli, Deven, Jet & Tay!!

Our competitors carried home many silver and bronze medals ~ all our students made us proud!!

Our judoka: Deven, Eli, Jet (3rd), Josh, Marigold (2nd), Pailie (3rd), Richard (2nd), Ryan (3rd), Rylee (2nd), Sam (2nd), Stefan (3rd), & Tay (2nd). Awesome!😎

Sensei Chris warming up the kids👍
Lined up for opening ceremonies😊

More pics…

Watch Ryan’s match…and Tay’s reaction at the very end😁

I’ll post more later (adults! Send me your pics😊)

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