Battle by the Lake Tournament

All of our competitors did a great job on Saturday – they not only demonstrated judo, but all of them give it their all!

I can only say I am proud to be your Sensei!

1st Place

  • Aries Flores

2nd Place

  • Monica Cheptanari
  • Pailie Flores
  • Marigold Meuer

3rd Place

  • Josh Hernandez
  • Richard Munoz

Other Competitors

It is easy to say that people who didn’t place didn’t do a good job. However, the other people who competed, Stefan Cheptanari, Rylee Vaughn, and Sam Lui all did great – they worked hard and did judo, their fine efforts just did not turn into wins.

There is always the next tournament!

Our Judoka

…we could not be more proud!😊

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