Latest COVID-19 Guidance from the USJF

I just wanted to update everyone on the latest guidance from the USJF regarding practice.
It looks like the USJF describes 5 phases w/r/t getting back on the mat.
The first time it looks like we can practice is phase 4 according to the USJF.
This looks like it happens when there is no longer any restriction on public gatherings.
So I think this all means it will still be a while before we are back on the mat.
I hope everyone is doing well these days.
Keep working out so you are ready to practice when we can.
The USJF document is here.
I am happy to discuss this with anyone.

Here is the update from the end of August regarding COVID19.
Let me know if I can answer any questions.
latest COVID guidance from the USJF

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