Spokane Judo Apparel Again Available

Spokane Judo apparel is all due to the tireless efforts of John Freeman (Myles dad).
Without him we wouldn’t have any clothing.
In John’s words:

Spokane Judo Club currently has our store open until March 10th for club apparel

The very first things that Sensei Brett and I discussed and agreed on, before we did anything with regard to finding a provider for Spokane Judo gear was that:
1) We do things honorably
2) We stay true to the Judo Spirit
3) This is about getting the club’s name out.

Wearing this gear will not change you from Clark Kent to Superman. However, if you ask anyone that wears fight swag of any kind, they will tell you that it will make you more interesting to others, and will introduce you to some very interesting people. You will be surprised how many old Judokas, and other Martial Arts people that are out there. I can say these things from personal experience.
This gear is exclusive to the club. You can go anywhere and buy Nike or any other workout gear, but this is the only place to get Spokane Judo Club Apparel. All of the apparel that we are selling is quality gear, or we wouldn’t be selling it. Our gear is designed to be functional, for both workout, or every day wear.
Currently we are selling:

  • short sleeve shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • ¼ zip workout tops
  • full zip workout tops
  • hoodies
  • decals

Everything has the Spokane Judo Club Competition Patch as the symbol. The hoodies, and both styles of shirts have a Maori Proverb written on the back. The competition patch is only given to people after they have competed. However, anyone family or friend can purchase our gear.
All of this is available thru
this link.

Coming soon, stocking caps with Spokane Judo Club embroidered on them.

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