Testing for Promotions

We will be holding tests for promotion on April 16.
You will be tested against the criteria contained in the USJF rank requirements:

Senior Rank Requirements

Junior Rank Requirements

The following people are eligible for promotion.

  • Green/blue:

    • Joey Bergman
  • Yonkyu:

    • Joshua Dufner
    • Ruslan Lebzak
  • Orange/Green:

    • Max Lebzak
  • Yellow/Orange:

    • Ethan Reynolds
    • Lucas Lewis
    • Jillian Bergman
  • Yellow:

    • Elliot Warren
  • White/Yellow:

    • Abigail Percy-Ratcliff
    • Baden Serr
    • Parker Burchett
    • Ethan Burchett
    • Sawyer Burchett

If you feel that your name has been left off the list in error, please contact me.

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