2011 Continental Crown results

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2011 Continental Crown. Everyone did a very nice job representing Spokane Judo.

  • Jaime Kobara
  • Cheyenne Neal
  • Lucas Lewis – 3rd
  • Graham Rocha – 2nd
  • Abe Rocha – 1st

3 thoughts on “2011 Continental Crown results

  • I’m having trouble getting the footage from one of the cameras but I hope to have footage posted this week at the latest.

  • Allen, thank you for coming all the way to Seattle to cheer, support, and film your teammates! That is a ton of work and we really appreciate it.

  • Well it’s WAY MORE WORK to get the darn footage working. I can’t make the two cameras sync. I know it’s like way late, but I WILL get this up – especially yours since they were so awesome.

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