The best part of teaching judo is seeing the students progress and learn. It is often tempting to take credit for the learning and achievements of the students but the instructor simply provides the opportunity to learn, each student chooses what they wish to do with that opportunity.
As students progress in judo, we start to expect more from them in their giving back to the club in terms of instruction and leadership. An excellent example of such leadership and giving back to the club is Tim Neal. I am quite pleased to announce his promotion to shodan. Not only has Tim given me a chance to see him progress in judo, he continually sets a good example for others in the club and he is always willing to offer his advice and instruction.
Tim, congratulations!

3 thoughts on “Promotion

  • Tim, I’m so sorry I missed your promotion but I’m extremely happy for you and it is very well deserved.

    Congrats sensei tim !

  • Hello all, we can’t wait to get back to practice and we miss you all. We have been dealing with some trying times as Destinee burnt her leg on Thursday 3 Feb and has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her leg. She was at Sacred Heart hospital and was released to come home on Saturday. She is still going to the hospital everyday to get her dressings change but is looking forward to see everybody soon.

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