The current Judo rules


There have been lots of referee/rules questions lately. I just wanted to give a link to the current IJF rules publication intended to cover 2014-2016. There are slight interpretation differences and clarifications for USJF/America/Northwest Yudanshakai etc but this pretty much covers all the nitty gritty details.

Link to IJF website english rules PDF

It is not exciting reading, but anyone who skims through it will be guaranteed to learn something they didn’t know.

Analyzing Randori

Hey, we had a great class tonight.  We got to refresh on our Ouchi gari and combo of Ouchi gari to ippon seoi nage (thanks for teaching that Paul!).  We’ve covered that in previous posts so I won’t go into it again.

I ran across this video by Matt D’aquino from Australia that I thought was valuable.  When you are doing randori, and you get thrown, don’t just flush it from your mind hop back up and get thrown again.  At least pause long enough to think how did I get thrown?  What grip did they use?  How did they set it up?  If you answer those questions (quickly), you will have a strategy next time to be prepared for the same attack, or to take a different grip or movement pattern so you don’t open yourself up again.
I thought it was valuable!


See everyone on Wednesday at 6:00pm!

New wave of children starting, get in now! Next practice is on Monday 9/23

Hey, we’ve had a nice group of young folks start lately, so now that school is back in, if you are looking for a great confidence and athletic building activity for your children age 8 and up, it’s a great time to come on in!   It’s a lot easier to teach beginning students (adult or children) as a group, since we can follow a structured syllabus and everyone gets to learn and build on the same things.  Don’t miss out!

Our next practice will be on Monday the 23rd, we won’t be having an extra Saturday practice this week.

Continental Crown 2011#1

Watch this video!

Everyone, I ran across this video and you should all watch it.  Sensei Brett often talks about how uchi-komi should be explosive as if you really planned to throw.  These folks are doing that.  Also, watch their combinations, how explosive and powerful and quickly they move from technique to technique until the throw.  We should do that too.  Finally, look at their kuzushi – look how high they are pulling the sleeve arm – this is what our kuzushi should be like.

If we practice our uchi-komi slowly, without power, and without real unbalancing with explosive and high sleeve pulls, we will never get a successful throw.

Basics: Mae Ukemi (Front Breakfall)

The basics of Judo are important for us to remember and focus on. Tonight, Sensei Marci talked a little about the front break falls. When performing them, especially in warm up, you should focus on doing it as correctly as possible.

Key Points:

  • Your stomach/core muscles should be tight and not touch the ground
  • Your head should turn sideways – in a real fall this can help you not break your nose. By practicing the muscle memory to turn your head, you might save a surgery.
  • Your arms and hands should hit the ground in front of you with a slap
  • At the end you should be on your arms and toes without your legs, stomach or sideways turned head touching the ground.

When we are practicing these techniques in warmup, take the time to try to do each one perfect; this is practicing Judo.