2017 Inland Empire Judo Classic Results

I was glad to see all the members who came out and supported the tournament. This included the players on the mat and the people who helped with the table (Paul, Cassidy Freeman, Chris Mitchell, Rya, Anna Marie). Also, Allen and Miles Freeman did a great job reffing!

John Freeman deserves special recognition for organizing the Spokane Judo table and working the entire tournament. Without him there wouldn’t have been a Spokane Judo table. Judo is all about mutual benefit, but I believe Spokane Judo has definitely gotten our benefit from John!

Finally, here are the actual competition results. The fighters all did well. There are always things to work on.

Name Result:
Myles Freeman 3rd (15-16 division)
Jake Gott 3rd
Isla Gott 3rd
Elaina Gott 3rd

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