2017 WA State Championship Results

I was really pleased with the number of people from our club that attended the tournament last Saturday. All the competitors did well.

Those who didn’t come home with a medal still deserve our recognition for showing up and fighting. Everyone has a bad day now and then. The only solution is train more for the next one!
The next one is in 6 weeks here in Spokane, so come and let’s train hard.

I am happy to post any photos anyone has, please send them on.

Name Result:
Myles Freeman 1st
Miles Lewis 1st
Ben Mitchell 2nd
Jake Gott 3rd
Jake Pratt 3rd
Ryan Ruiz 3rd
Cassidy Freeman 3rd
Lucas Lewis 3rd
Aleksi Lee fought
Mike Smith fought
Chris Mitchell fought
Montana Neal fought
Phoenix Davey fought

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