Some reminders about the tournament this weekend

This is a list of reminders provided by Leigh at Pacific regarding the tournament. Everyone please read.

1.  Mat set up:  Please meet at the Sheriff’s Training Center at between 4-4:30pm.  The main trailer will not be there until 4:30pm but we can start loading the pickup at 4pm.
If you have a pickup and plan on helping with mat set up, it would be appreciated if you drive your pickup to the training center just in case we need more pickups.  The Sheriff’s training center is located at the old U City Mall on in the valley.  Go up the ramp from the Sprague side.
If you are unable to help with the loading of the mats, please feel free to come down to the Convention Center to help lay down mats.  5:30-6pm is
when the pickups/trailers will arrive downtown.
2.  Registration/Weigh:  I will be at the Doubletree by 4pm.  If you signed up to help, please be there by 4:30.  There should be signage telling you were to go.
My kiddos will be with me, so if you need to bring yours down, please do so!  Unfortunately, we have to find our own parking:(  They don’t validate.
3.  Table Help:  Tournament
will start at 10am.  It would be great if you can show up no later than 9:30am.  The more people we have helping out, the more we can take breaks.
4. Hospitality Room:  If you signed
up to bring food to the hospitality room, please remember to do so.  There will be outlets if you need to keep food warm.  The hospitality room
to for the referees and all our wonderful volunteers, including those who bring food for the hospitality room.  Please accompany your child(ren) to
the hospitality room and identity yourselves as volunteers to Cathy.  She doesn’t just let anyone in…….She may be little, but watch out………she
is my watch dog to the hospitality room……she does a wonderful job of managing the room for us.
  • There is no admission cost to the tournament, so bring all your family and friends!  We would love the support.
  • Tournament starts at 10 am.  Please plan on being there early so that you can warm up.  I suggest by 9 am.
  • Girls:  Make sure you wear a plain white crew neck t-shirt under your gi.  If you don’t have one, take a white t-shirt and turn it inside out.  Also, hair must be tied back with a plain hair tie, with no metal.
  • Make sure nails and toe nails are clipped.
  • Be sure your gi is clean.  No blood stains, etc.
  • When not on the mats, it is proper judo etiquette to wear flip flops or shoes.  Please do not walk around barefoot.
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts will be available for sale from Fine Designs.
  • Bring your cameras and video cameras.  You will be allowed next to the mats for pictures/videos.

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