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2012 Inland Empire Results

I wanted to congratulate all the competitors at the tournament yesterday.
We only had one person from Spokane Judo walk in front of a judge (Max).
Generally, I think all of our players only need more tournaments to get better.

  • John Yen 1st
  • Jake Kitterman 2nd
  • Joey Bergman 4th(very tough division)
  • Lucas Lewis
  • Max Lebzak
  • Ethan Reynolds
  • Paul Bergman
  • Elliot Warren

I say it at the dojo, but just to repeat myself, all of these players worked much harder than those of us who didn’t get out there and put their skill to the test!

Entries for the 2010 Continental Crown due by October 29 2010

All competitors interested in participating in the 2010 Continental Crown need to complete the on-line registration form no later than midnight on October 29. if you complete the form after that, you will have to pay a $25 late fee.

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