Pacific Judo & Spokane Judo Demonstration

Last weekend as part of the Hoopfest activities, Pacific Judo was asked to put on a judo demonstration.
The demonstration was part of the half time show for one of the pre-hoopfest basketball games on Friday.
Sensei Paul Ziegman at Pacific put together an excellent demonstration which he practiced extensively prior to the event. The result was an extremely professional display that highlighted many of the skills and techniques that are part of judo.
Spokane Judo had Miles Lewis and Alaina Gott participate.
Here is a video of the demonstration.

Abe Rocha taking gold at the 2011 Continental Crown

Due to a pushup fueled mental haze, I somehow never posted this video or gave a link to Abe to watch him destroy the competition way back at the 2011 Continental Crown. ¬†Here is a link to his three fights, which if you’ll recall earned him his Green Belt due to his utter domination of his opponents. ¬†Well done Abe!