Lakeland Invitational Results

Yesterday, we had 3 competitors at the tournament. All of them did a very nice job. They all displayed excellent sportsmanship, and good judo. In short they did an outstanding job of representing Spokane Judo.
Jake Gott did two superlative throws on his way to taking 1st place.
Miles Lewis had several hard matches but managed to take 3rd in his division.
Finally, Elaina Gott had a tough division and did some very nice judo. She didn’t manage to place, but she did demonstrate that her judo is improving and her hard work is paying off.

In addition to the competitors, I wanted to thank Anna Marie Medina and Allen Monroe for their hard work in supporting the tournament. Without people like them, there wouldn’t be any tournament.

Lakeland Tournament

Lakeland is hosting another local tournament on 2/3/2018 in Athol. I strongly encourage everyone to compete. The last two tournaments have both been excellent and invaluable opportunities to hone your competition judo!
The entry form is here.
I need to submit a team roster by Wed. 1/31 so if you are interested in competing, I will need to know Monday at practice.

Washington State Championships

On 2/17/2018, the WA state championships will be held in Kent. This tournament is for all ages. The weigh-ins are that morning.
If you are interested in competing, the entry packet is here.
You must register on-line by Feb 14, there are no late entries.
The registration link is here.

Tournament Results

Last weekend we had 5 competitors go to the tournament out in the valley. Everyone did an excellent job of representing Spokane Judo. I am proud to say to anyone, “those players were with Spokane Judo”.

Name Place
Chris Mitchell 1st
Miles Lewis 1st
Christeena Miller 1st
Ben Mitchell 2nd
Ashton Miller 3rd

The next local tournament is Feb. 3rd, I hope everyone can come and compete.

2018 Spokane Valley Judo Tournament

Just a reminder:
I need your information if you are interested in competing this Sunday at the tournament at the Hub.
Please give me a call or come to practice tonight to give me your name, age, rank and so on so I can send them to Joseki.

Joseki Dojo is kicking off the new year with a local tournament.
The tournament is Jan 14 in the valley.
The entry form is here.
I encourage everyone to compete.
In judo the hardest opponent is yourself, but competition helps us push ourselves to improve.

Athol Invitational Tournament

Lakeland Judo and Joseki Judo did an excellent job of hosting the first in what I hope will become a series of local tournaments to help prepare our local judokas for competition.
Spokane Judo had 4 competitors at the tournament.
All four fought hard and exemplified all of the values of judo:

  • hard work
  • mutual benefit
  • good sportsmanship
  • perseverance

Isla Gott took 2nd
Alaina Gott took 3rd
Ryan Ruiz competed in a much heavier and older division and did well.
Zoey Yacker fought in her first tournament and defeated a much more experienced player.

Well done everyone!

Local Tournament Saturday (12/2)

This Saturday, there is a small local tournament in Athol ID. It is just about an hour drive and I strongly encourage everyone to attend (and most of you should compete). The one thing you can do right now to make your judo better faster is compete! This is your chance to do that.
Also note that there will be Senior divisions so adults should compete as well.

Important times/dates:

  • Thursday (11/30): let me know that you are going to compete so I can submit a club roster.
  • Friday (12/1): Weigh-in at Joseki Dojo 6-8pm. 101 N Argonne Rd.
  • Saturday (12/2): tournament at Athol Elementary, 6333 E Menser Ave Athol ID 83801
    starting at 9:30.

The entry form is here.

introduction to judo officiating

An introduction to judo officiating will be presented by Gordon Nelson, Pan American C Referee, on Saturday, November 18, 8am to 3:30pm.  The seminar,
organized by JosekiJudo and Lakeland Judo Club, will take place in Spokane, WA. 
The waiver is here.
The Entry form is here.

I strongly encourage everyone who can to attend. This is a great chance to deepen your understanding of the rules and make you a better judo competitor and supporter of the judo community.

Continental Crown Results

Congratulations to Myles Freeman on his win last weekend in the Continental Crown. Great Job!

Sensei leigh sent out the following wins for the Pacific competitors:
Hello All,
This weekend, 5 competitors and their family braved the snow and went over to Seattle for the Continental Crown. 5 competitors, 7 medals !
Jadelyn McArthur:  This was Jadelyn’s first tournament and she competed in two divisions.  She took 2nd and 3rd.  She was so much fun to watch!  With a
little more competition experience, watch out!
Madison McArthur:  This was Madi’s 2nd tournament and she did awesome!  She also took 2nd and 3rd.  With a little more experience, she will also dominate!
Carter Hughes:  Carter placed 3rd!  He had a nice transition into a pin and held it for the win! 
Tomio Yamada:  Tomio placed 1st!  He only had one other opponent and beat him twice.  Second match was an ippon in 10 seconds!
Akio Yamada:  Akio placed 2nd!  He was again the youngest in his bracket, but he did awesome against the men, one who was 30 and beat at the buzzer!

Upcoming Events

Just wanted to update everyone on some upcoming judo events in the Northwest.
First, Portland Judo is hosting a clinic with Mike Swain, World Champion and 4 X Olympian on Friday 9/15. This is short notice, but he is an excellent instructor and well worth attending if you can. Info is here.

Second, on 9/23 Budokan will be holding their tournament. The entry form is here.

Third, on 9/30, there is a kata workshop for judges along with the 4th annual Pacific NW kata championship sponsored by Seattle Dojo. I don’t think we have anyone ready for this yet, but keep this type of event in mind as an option. Kata will definitely help all aspects of your judo.

Finally, on 10/7 the Rainier cup will be held in Lakewood, Wa. This is always a good tournament.
The entry form is here.

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