Ju No Kata Clinic

Southwestern Oregon Community College Judo and NWJY will host a Ju No Kata clinic on Saturday, August 24, 2019 taught by Sensei Delynn Purcell, Rokudan,
and Sensei Mike Purcell, Shichidan, Columbia Judo Dojo, Kennewick, WA.  Ju No Kata, often translated as Forms of Gentleness, is a suitable kata for all
ages and ranks.  The clinic is open to current USJF, USA Judo, and USJA members.  Please bring your membership card to the clinic.  The clinic fee is $25
and  includes lunch.
Southwestern Oregon Community College
1988 Newmark
Prosper Hall
Coos Bay, OR  97420
Registration and waiver will be available soon.  Please RSVP to Sensei Rob Schab,
 if you plan to attend so that he can make lunch arrangements.
Bring your white judogi and enjoy a day of incredible instruction!

Monday Night Fights a Success

Thank you to Pacific, Lakeland, and Joseki dojos for helping to make our first Monday Night Fight a success. As this is a work in progress, we are making a couple of changes. In July we are moving the date from July 1st to July 8th. This was done due to a scheduling conflict with the Junior Olympics. Also, we are opening the refereeing up to anyone, Green Belt and above. If you are interested in refereeing, and want to try your hand at it. Here is your chance.

Invitation to competition practice

On the first Monday of each summer month – June 3rd, July 1st, and August 5th – during normal practice hours (kids 6-7pm, adults 7-8:30), Spokane Judo is inviting the local Judo Community to Monday Night Fights. It is not a tournament, and due to it being during summer, we are not able to predict turn out. However, after talking to all the local clubs, there has been enough interest expressed to have these. The focus will be on how to properly enter and exit the fight space, and on gaining valuable mat time. We have actual referees who will be there, and this is intended to help everyone improve their Judo. All of the fights are about honor, respect, and making everyone’s Judo stronger. If you can come and fight, that would be great – please be sure you are current with your judo organization. If you are injured, or do not want to fight, you are still welcome, as you are part of the Judo Community as well. Hope to see you there.

Got gis?

Spokane Judo Club is organizing our cabinets. We have decided to sell some of the extra gi tops and pants that we have. They are clean, and marked by size. Because they are older, and have shrunk, it is important to get a size larger than you would normally wear. We are selling the pants and tops for $10 each, and complete gis for $20. We have the ability to mix sizes if necessary. We have mostly white, however, we do have blue gi stuff, in a very limited amount.

Tournament this Weekend and Canceled Practice

Just a reminder that the tournament here in town is tomorrow. Everyone should come down and help out (even if your not competing).
There is always a need for more help at the tournament and anything you can do is appreciated.

On a related note, practice tomorrow (Saturday) will be cancelled because everyone will be at the tournament. Also, there won’t be practice on Monday due to the holiday. See everyone back on the mat on Thursday.
Good luck to all our competitors tomorrow.

Spring Judo Events

I received the below post from Judo Northwest.
I have put in the links where I have info.

For your Judo Calendars

May 11, 2019 Middle & High School Championships

, Kentwood Sr. High School, 25800 164th Av. SE, Covington

DEADLINE:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019  Registration site:  

May 25, 2019 Inland Empire Judo Classic

, Spokane Convention Center, 334 W. Spokane Falls, Blvd., Spokane

DEADLINE:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019  Registration site:  

Complete info is here
and waiver is

June 1&2, 2019 USA Judo Sr. National Championships

, Las Vegas, NV

DEADLINE:  Online registration deadline is May 23, 2019  Info packet and registration link is here,

June 16, Marti Malloy and Haruka Tachimoto Clinic and Camp

, Seiei Dojo, 12611 Northup Way, Suite 300, Bellevue

Registration packet and payment here:  
registration info

Friday, May 3rd, Help needed

The Northwest Association for Blind Athletes has asked us to run an introduction to judo for a group of visually impaired kids. I am not sure of the time yet for the judo part of the event, but the event itself is Friday, 9:30 to 2:00, so somewhere in that range. It will be held at Medical Lake high school (more details are in the flyer).
If you can come and help that would be great. We did this last year and it was a lot of fun. We just show the kids how to fall, and teach them a little about how great judo is and why it is much better than any other sport they could do.

I will add more details as I get them.