Announcing their Promotions

I am always pleased to announce new promotions. Each new rank demonstrates an increasing commitment to judo and self improvement, both of which are things that are important and beyond most people.

  • Yonkyu:

    • Brent Accursio
    • Christopher B. Mitchell

4th of July

Just a reminder that Monday is July 4th. The community center is closed. I hope everyone has a good holiday and we will see everyone on Wednesday.

Postponing Summer Swimming

Just a note that we are postponing the swimming party originally scheduled for this Saturday as the weather doesn’t look good (this is mostly intended to remind Sensei Oleg who seems unclear on the cancellation).
We may try for July 1 if that works for people.
Have a good weekend and see everyone at practice Monday.

Honored to Announce

I am truly honored to announce the promotions of Allen Monroe and Aleksi Lee. Their sustained hard work and dedication has earned them the rank of shodan. I wish I could say things are easier from now on but quite the opposite, we now expect more from them with regard to running the club and contributing to judo.
Their promotions were definitely deserved as they both exemplify what a shodan should be.

Allen and Aleksi Promotion

2016 Inland Empire Judo Classic Results

I wanted to recognize the competitors who came out on the mat last Saturday and competed.
Not everyone went home with a trophy but everyone did nice judo and reflected well on our entire club.

Name Place Division
2nd Girls 15-16
Senior Women’s Brown/Black
Myles M.
13-14 Boy’s
3RD 9-10 Boy’s Novice
T. Smith
Senior Men’s Brown/Black
Eithan Hall 7-8 boy’s Novice
L. Mitchell
2nd  11-12 boy’s
B. Mitchell
Senior Men’s Brown/Black
B. Mitchell
2nd  Men’s Masters
Adelphe Jeatsa 2nd Senior Men’s Brown/Black
1st  Men’s Masters

No practice on Memorial Day 5/30

Just a reminder that Monday is Memorial day. The community center is closed so we won’t be having practice. We will see everyone Wednesday June 1.

Good Luck to all our competitors

Just wanted to wish everyone who is competing the best of luck. All of you know enough judo to do very well.

If you aren’t competing, please come down and help out with the tournament or just cheer on those who are out on the mat.

Joint Practice with Pacific Judo

On Wednesday 5/25 Spokane Judo is hosting a joint practice with Pacific Judo to get in some last minute preparation for the tournament on Saturday. The practice will start at 5:30 for all kids. The kids practice will last until 6:45. After that we will have the adult practice. I hope everyone can attend this is a great opportunity to work with some new people and iron out any last minute competition issues.
The practice it at our usual location, 500 S. Stone (the East Central Community Center).
I hope everyone can make it!

Congratulations on their Promotions!

  • Orange/Green:

    • Miles Lewis
  • Orange:

    • Callista Behm
  • Yellow:

    • Elijah Lopez
  • White/Yellow:

    • Eithan Hall

The testing really demonstrates that these students are beginning to master the fundamental skills in judo. Their promotions are definitely earned.

Officer Yen!

This is not judo related but I thought it is worth recognizing the accomplishments of people in judo.

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