Upcoming Tournaments

Here are entry forms for a couple of upcoming tournaments.

First, the Washington State Championships. This is on 2/27 and it is a requirement for the Senior Nationals.
The entry form is here.

Second, the Obukan tournament on 3/19. The entry form is here.

Return to our regularly scheduled practice

Just a note to remind everyone that practice will be back on the normal schedule on Monday 1/25).
I am really out of shape from the quiet week, I hope all of you aren’t.
See everyone Monday.

Women’s self defense class a success

We had a great group of attendees at the class and they seemed to have a good time and learn some key techniques for avoiding, escaping, and if necessary surviving a hostile confrontation. Led by Sergeant Rich Gere, the class learned basic thought process and tactics, key vulnerable points of attackers, and a variety of strikes. They were able to practice these skills with focus pads, safety gear, and ultimately if they wished a simulated hostile confrontation with our (big) Mike Smith in a protective suit.

The class did great and despite some red knuckles from the punching, seemed to have a great time and find it valuable.

Spokane Judo was honored to host this class and thanks Sgt. Rich Gere and Officer John Yen for their time and help in teaching it, as well as providing the equipment.




Class next week

Just some reminders about class next week.
On Monday Jan. 18, the center is closed for the MLK holiday so we have no practice.
On Wednesday Jan. 20, we have our women’s self defense class. The class is from 6:00-9:00. This means that our regularly scheduled practice won’t be held. We do need all our high school aged and adult members to come and help run the self defense class.

We will be back on our normal schedule starting on Jan. 25.

I just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone making it to class. Having all of you there makes practice the great experience it was this week.

Intro to Judo class a success

We had a nice group turn out for the intro class. Covered were some Judo basics, basic falls, what Judo is about, a turnover into a pin, and a throw. Lots of smiles and laughs all around as everyone seemed to have a good time.

Here are some photos from the class.

As a reminder, Judo is Monday and Wednesday nights and is $30/month for one person, or $40/month for an entire family up to any size. The only other cost is a Judo Gi to wear ($30-50 depending on size) and United States Judo Federation membership for $50/year per person.

If you missed the intro class, don’t worry! New students (ages 8 and up) can start any time with personalized one on one instruction with a brown or black belt off the main mat to teach you basics until you feel ready to join the main class.

10 years ago was the best time to get fit, the second best time is right now!



Reminder: Free Introductory Judo Class Monday

Just a reminder that we are offering a free introductory judo class on Monday Jan. 11.

All our current members:
We need everyone’s help to make this class a success.
please bring any old/extra gis you have for the new people to use.
Let’s hope we get a number of new members.

Forms for upcoming Spokane Judo events

We have two events coming up to help promote Spokane Judo. The first is a free introductory class on judo offered on Jan. 11. The flyer for this is here.

The second is a women’s self defense class taught by Rich Gere on Jan 20. The flyer for this class is here.
We need all our current members to help promote both these events and to help make these events a success. Please distribute this information to anyone you know that might be interested. I can also provide paper copies of these flyers to anyone who needs them. Thanks for everyone’s assistance with getting the word out for both these events.

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year from Spokane Judo.
I hope everyone had a good holiday.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the mat on Monday!

Cassidy Freeman Fights Like a Girl

This is one of the best things about teaching judo, getting to work with exceptional people.
Take a look: video here.

Practice as usual over the holidays

Just a reminder that we are having practice as usual over the next couple of weeks. Please come and get in some workouts! We need you there and given how much we all like to eat, you need to be there!

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