Joint Practice with Pacific Judo

On Wednesday 5/25 Spokane Judo is hosting a joint practice with Pacific Judo to get in some last minute preparation for the tournament on Saturday. The practice will start at 5:30 for all kids. The kids practice will last until 6:45. After that we will have the adult practice. I hope everyone can attend this is a great opportunity to work with some new people and iron out any last minute competition issues.
The practice it at our usual location, 500 S. Stone (the East Central Community Center).
I hope everyone can make it!

Congratulations on their Promotions!

  • Orange/Green:

    • Miles Lewis
  • Orange:

    • Callista Behm
  • Yellow:

    • Elijah Lopez
  • White/Yellow:

    • Eithan Hall

The testing really demonstrates that these students are beginning to master the fundamental skills in judo. Their promotions are definitely earned.

Officer Yen!

This is not judo related but I thought it is worth recognizing the accomplishments of people in judo.

2016 Inland Empire Judo Classic

Tournaments don’t get any closer! This is here in Spokane and there is no better way to start the Memorial day weekend.
I encourage everyone to compete. We practice a lot, but this is the opportunity to see how much you have learned against other people.

The entry form is here. The waiver is here.

Seattle Dojo Tournament

Seattle Dojo is holding their annual tournament on May 7 at the Bellevue Boys & Girls Club.
The forms are here

Good job Aleksi!

Aleksi won the 66KG brown belt division at the USA Senior Nationals. His hard work really paid off!

Aleksi Winning 66KG

Congratulations on their Promotions

  • White/Yellow:

    • Valentine Accursio
    • Liberty Accursio
    • Zion Accursio
    • Benjamin Mitchell

All of these students did a nice job on their testing. This is just the first step on a hopefully long road in judo. There is always more to learn.

Nage No Kata Clinic was Great!

Nage No Kata Clinic group photo

I just wanted to thank everyone who came to the clinic yesterday. Attendance was outstanding.
In particular, I wanted to thank the Senseis Mike and Delynn Purcell for making the clinic possible at all. Also, the members of Columbia Dojo were outstanding!

Kata Clinic this coming weekend

Just a reminder that we need everyone to be at the kata clinic this Saturday. Not only do all of us need to learn the kata, but the club needs your help. Please make sure you can attend.

New Practice Time

Just a reminder that starting next week on Monday March 7, practice will be from 6:30-8:30 on both Monday and Wednesday.
Hopefully some of you that have been missing practice lately can make the new practice time.
See everyone tonight.

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