September Monday Night Fights

Just a reminder that this Monday is the first Monday in September and therefore it is that time again, Monday Night Fights!
We would love to see everyone from Joseki, Pacific, and Lakeland.
Everyone should arrive at 6:00 so we can mix adult and kid matches.

I know the school year is starting but I hope everyone can take a few hours and come on Monday.

Spokane Judo Club apparel

We have listened to you. Some of you were unhappy with the Competitive Patch Design, so we reached back into the vault, or in our case Sensei Oleg’s and Sensei Paul’s closets.
We are now carrying a “Competition Line”, this line comes in either short sleeve t shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, ¼ zip warm up, and a full zip. The short sleeve, long sleeve, and hoodie all have the patch that you earn, once you compete, on one side, and a Maori Saying on the other. The shirt, hoodie, and ¼ zip are gray, and the full zip is Royal Blue.
We are also, now carrying a “Vintage Line”, this line is based on the hoodie and sweatshirts we were given to recreate. It is a black color shirt and hoodie, with a “old school” cartoon design on the back. The hoodie has “Spokane Judo Club” written in English down one sleeve, and it written in Kanji down the other. Hopefully by the next store, we also hope to have a long sleeve in this design, based on the hoodie.
The on line store is available
Spokane Judo Apparel Here.

This is a company that the club uses to handle our apparel.
The store offers the ability to customize. In the past there were issues with customization, so I want to address the process. You need to make sure to click on the customization box to pay for the customization. If you added customization, and do not pay for it, they obviously will not do it.
The store will be open until September 15th.
The next store may not be until December or January. Something to think about, this Spokane Judo Club apparel is only available thru us, and is not available anywhere else. This is a way for us to help get the name out, and hopefully more people in.
John will bring examples of the complete line of “Competition Line”, and a “Vintage Line” t shirt that will also be made available to see.

2019 Rainier Cup Judo Championships (online registration link & information packet)

Here is the link to register for the 2019 Rainier Cup Judo Championships to be held at Pierce College (Fort Steilacoom Campus) on Saturday, October 12th,
1. This will be a 100% paperless registration form. You MUST register online only using the link provided below. There will be NO paper entry forms or
waivers available. 
2. You MUST have a Google email account (Gmail) to register. 
3. You MUST pay online via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. Just a valid cred it card or check card. 
4. You MUST upload a current Judo card to complete your registration (The athletes card cannot expire before October 12th, 2019).
5. ALL team/club leaders will be required to execute an accurate remote weigh-in for all participants. The participants weights must be recorded in pounds
and emailed to by TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8TH, 2019 BY MIDNIGHT. 
6. A complete information packet is on the online registration.
7. Venue doors will open at 7am. Opening ceremonies will be at 9:45am. The tournament will start at 10am.
online registration


August Monday Night Fights

Just a reminder that this Monday is the first Monday in August and therefore it is that time again, Monday Night Fights!
I hope everyone from Joseki, Pacific, and Lakeland can come and have a few matches.
Everyone should arrive at 6:00 so we can mix adult and kid matches.
Hope everyone can take a break from their summer and come on Monday.
The original post is below:
On the first Monday of each summer month – June 3rd, July 1st, and August 5th – during normal practice hours (kids 6-7pm, adults 7-8:30), Spokane Judo is inviting the local Judo Community to Monday Night Fights. It is not a tournament, and due to it being during summer, we are not able to predict turn out. However, after talking to all the local clubs, there has been enough interest expressed to have these. The focus will be on how to properly enter and exit the fight space, and on gaining valuable mat time. We have actual referees who will be there, and this is intended to help everyone improve their Judo. All of the fights are about honor, respect, and making everyone’s Judo stronger. If you can come and fight, that would be great – please be sure you are current with your judo organization. If you are injured, or do not want to fight, you are still welcome, as you are part of the Judo Community as well. Hope to see you there.

A couple of upcoming events

I have recently received info about a couple of upcoming events.

Neil Adams, MBE, in Lakewood on August 11

A great Judo summer continues…
Neil Adams, MBE, will make a stop on his 2019 Pacific Tour at Ippon Dojo, 9715 Lakewood Drive SW, Lakewood, WA
on August 11, 2019.
Registration for Juniors, $30, 11am to 11:30am for 12pm to 1:30pm session
Registration for Seniors, $50, 1pm to 1:30pm for 2pm to 4pm session
Make sure your membership is up to date to attend this big event!

The Shiai

Portland Judo hosts a series of monthly tournaments which this year is entirely newaza.
The web site describes these tournaments as:
Portland Judo proudly presents THE SHIAI. A series of monthly USJF sanctioned Judo tournaments in Portland, Oregon with you the competitor in mind. Our
goal is to run a tournament with an in-house vibe, coupled with an open gym feel. Get tournament experience, make some new friends, and be done in a couple
of hours.

In 2018, we tested a few “Newaza Only” tournaments and the response was very positive. Keeping with our progressive vision of Judo, we decide to dedicate
the entire 2019 Shiai Series to “Newaza Only”. Referees will be instructed that as a newaza only event, the tori will be afforded a little more time than
usual to show progress and develop their techniques.

During shimewaza and kansetsuwaza techniques, the tori will be afforded more time for their technique to be applied effectively – giving them an opportunity
to practice adjusting to finish the technique properly instead of a quick matte due to little or no effectiveness.

At Portland Judo, we love to keep things simple, but most of all, we love to laugh and play… a lot. We realize not everyone is gunning for the next Nationals
and could use a non-intimidating environment to experience a live match. New competitors who are still stumbling through the tournament rules can use this
as a study session. This tournament is also a great launching pad for future referees and scorekeepers.

Do not miss this! The SHIAI – Play hard, learn something, go home better.

The entry form for the next event held on 7/28 is here.
(thanks to Hal for pointing this out)