National Night Out Against Crime

On 8/21 the East Central Community Center put on a National Night out against Crime. This event highlighted all of the services offerred by the center. As part of the event, the Judo club demonstrated a bit of judo.

The few, the proud, the dedicated!

The few, the proud, the dedicated!

Thank you to everyone who gave up their Friday evening and helped us out.

Night Out Against Crime

The East Central Community Center is sponsoring a “night out against crime” this Friday 8/21 from 6:00-8:30.
More info is here.

As part of this, the judo club will be doing a little demonstration.
Hopefully we can get some more people to join.
We need everyone to come and support the club on Friday.
Even if you have been slacking this summer come and help educate everyone about the joys of judo!

Upcoming Tournaments

The 2015 RAINIER CUP JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS are on 10/10/2015. The entry packet is here.

There isn’t an entry form yet for the Continental Crown but the dates are 11/6/2015-11/7/2015.
More info should be available at the Continental Crown web site.

Here is the latest tournament schedule I have:
tournament schedule 8-15-2015

Good job Aleksi!

Last weekend Aleksi and Sensei Cheyenne went to the monthly tournament at Portland Judo. Both did quite well, Aleksi took 1st in the brown belt division and 2nd in the black belt division. Sensei Cheyenne won both her matches.
Here is some video from Aleksi. Notice the superlative technique he has developed while at Spokane Judo.

Correction to Monday night Judo

On Monday we went over a variation of Seoi nage not seoi otoshi.
Thanks to Sensei Cheyenne for pointing this out.

Congratulations on their Promotions

  • Ikkyu:

    • Aleksi Lee
  • Sankyu:

    • Cassidy Freeman
  • Green

    • Kris Behm

Promoting people for hardwork and excellence is my favorite part of judo!
(And leave it to Aleksi to uphold the fine tradition of skipping practice immediately after being promoted).

Nage No Kata

Here is an instructional video of Nage No Kata.
We are going to keep working on this over the summer.

Saturday Swimming!

Sadly Saturday judo is no more but as an alternative this Saturday, 6/27 we have swimming at my house.
We want everyone to attend. If you have been too lazy to come to practice, swimming is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with all of us in judo. If you have been out because of a rib injury, come and regale us with stories of the pain of sleeping on your back. Basically, just come.
Any of the Pacific judo members are also welcome as you guys are regulars at Spokane Judo practices and you should be part of swimming as well.

My house is here:

Bring something to eat or drink and sunscreen.
Please come around 2:00. The weather forecast says it will be 99°.
Hope to see everyone there.

2015 Inland Empire Judo Classic Results

Everyone from Spokane Judo did a nice job at the tournament. Competition is not like practice and you really can’t explain to those that haven’t done it.
You should all take pride in yourselves for getting out there!

  • 1st

    • Cassidy Freeman (15/16 Lt. wt. division)
    • Cassidy Freeman (Senior Novice Division)
  • 2nd

    • Kento Nakamura (Brown/Black heavy wt.)
    • Callista Behm (11/12 Division)
    • Myles Freeman (11-12 boys)
  • 3rd

    • Cassidy Freeman (Brown/Black Lt. Wt. Division)
    • Lucas Lewis (11-12 boys)
    • Miles Lewis (9-10 boys)

No Practice Monday

Just a reminder that Monday is Memorial Day. The community center will be closed so no practice.
Take the opportunity to remember those who have served.

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