This tournament is here in Liberty Lake. It is hard to get much closer!
The tournament is on Saturday April 15.
Everyone should take this opportunity to compete.
All contestants born before 2009 will need to have both blue and white gis. For those born 2009 or later, a blue gi is optional.
The information and registration form is here.
Online Entry here.

Obukan Tournament Results

Chris and Ben Mitchell competed this weekend in Portland. Both of them did very well. Chris took 1st in the Masters division. In addition, Allen Monroe worked refereeing the tournament. All of them definitely made the rest of us at Spokane Judo look extremely good.

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No Practice Monday 3/20

The community center is holding a town hall meeting on Monday in the gym so there will be no judo that night.
See everyone on Wednesday.

2017 Nage No Kata Clinic Photo

Thanks to the generous people at Columbia Dojo, the kata clinic was again outstanding!
Without their willingness to share their knowledge this wouldn’t be possible.
Thank you to everyone at Columbia Dojo who came up and taught the clinic.

Promotion Photos

Just a couple of photos from the junior promotions last night. I am always pleased by how well the students learn and how hard they work!

Upcoming Tournaments

There a quite a few upcoming tournaments over the next several months.
Here are the dates and entry forms for several of them.

Junior Promotions

This is by far the largest single group of successful promotions we have ever had. All of the diligent instruction and hard work on the part of the students payed off!

Congratulations to all of the following:

  • Yellow/Orange:

    • Ben Mitchell
    • Bayden Serr
    • Ryan Ruiz
    • Valentine Accursio
    • Liberty Accursio
    • Zion Accursio
  • Yellow:

    • Rya Monroe
    • Alaina Gott
    • Montana Neal
  • White/Yellow:

    • Caleb Edge
    • Tristan Farris
    • Terrance Farris
    • Isla Gott
    • Phoenix Davey

Community Center Closed for Presidents day

Just a reminder that the center is closed on Monday 2/20. This means no judo for us.
See everyone on Wednesday 2/22 for a hard workout to make up for the missed day!

Joseki Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the Spokane Judo competitors who came out and supported the tournament today.

Name Result
Myles Freeman 1st 13-14 & 2nd 15-16
Miles Lewis 2nd 11-12
Rya Monroe 2nd 9-10
Ryan Ruiz 3rd 9-10
Elaina Gott 3rd 9-10
isla Gott 3nd 9-10
Montana Neal fought 9-10

I was also quite pleased to see the support for Spokane Judo from Allen Monroe and Myles Freeman reffing! John Freeman also was invaluable for his work on the scoring table, and thanks to Cheyenne Neal for warming the kids up (saving the old Senseis).
Thank you all for your participation!

2nd Annual Nage No Kata Clinic

Spokane Judo is once again proud to host a Nage No Kata clinic taught by Senseis Mike and Delynn Purcell. This is a great opportunity to begin learning Nage No Kata or to refine your existing mastery of the kata.
We are truly fortunate to have two of the best instructors anywhere offer this clinic.
Sensei Mike Purcell has been teaching kata for forty years, and is a USA Judo
Class A Kata Judge in all seven Kodokan Kata
Sensei Delynn Purcell is a World Master’s Grand Champion, PJU Silver
Medalist, USA National Kata Champion, Fukuda Grand Champion, Kodokan
Certified in Ju no Kata, and a USA Judo Class A Kata Judge in all seven
Kodokan Kata.

This is a one day event on Saturday March 11. Registration starts at 8:30.
If you are interested in attending please email Brett Lewis or call (509)995-6434 to let us know you will be attending.

The entry form can be downloaded here. The waiver can be downloaded here.

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