The end of Saturday Practice (for now at least)

Since the Sheriff’s training center is closing we no longer have a venue for Saturday practice (I really appreciate Rich Gere arranging this for us while it lasted).
Pacific judo is having practice this Sunday if you need a judo workout over the weekend.
See everyone Monday.

Reminder: no practice tonight

The center is closed for Presidents day. Have a good day off and see everyone on Wednesday.

Sode Tsurikomi Goshi

Last night we covered a variation of Tsurikomi Goshi (lifting pulling hip throw) called SODE tsurikomi goshi. Sode means “sleeve”.

Here is some video:

February Throws

Last week, Sensei Brett covered two very similar throws, Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi (Blocking Lifting-Pulling Foot) and Hiza Guruma (Knee Wheel).

As always, here are the official Kodokan videos. I apologize again that these videos are so cheesy and old looking, but they are simply the gold standard resource for these techniques.

They are the first two techniques covered.

Sorry for the late posting on this!

The translation above for Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi was a bit off, Sasae means “propping” (or blocking), Tsurikomi is “lifting / pulling”, and Ashi means Leg or Foot.

Saturday Practice

Just a note to let everyone know that we should be having practice on Saturday as usual.
I checked and we should be good for the next couple of weeks.

14th Annual High Mountain Open Judo Championship (McCall Tournament)

Saturday, March 7th 2015.
McCall Donnelly High School
401 N. Mission St.
McCall, ID 83638

Everyone should go.
The entry form is here.

January throws

On Monday we covered Morote Seoi Nage (two handed carry back (aka shoulder throw)) and Tsurikomi Goshi (Lifting/Pulling Hip Throw).

Here are the ever present kodokan videos breaking these throws down! Enjoy!

Seoi Nage:

Tsurikomi Goshi:

These videos have a cheesy early 90’s vibe, but the information is solid for the principles of these throws. This series is available all over YouTube if you’d like to learn some other throw.

Here is another very good explanation of Morote Seoi Nage:

Newborn Cascao will host us Monday, Jan 19th.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the East Central Community Center is closed for Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday January 19th.

Friend of the club James Weed of Newborn-Cascao Jiu Jitsu has again offered us to come practice at his place on Monday, and learn a little Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. For members of Spokane Judo, there will be no cost to attending on Monday. Adult class starts at 6:30pm, and there is also a kids class at 5:00pm.

Newborn-Cascao is located at 1604 N Monroe with parking in the back.

BJJ and Judo newaza are close cousins and it is a great chance to pick up some new tricks and test your skills against different people.

MLK day, no Judo

The center is closed on Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday so practice is canceled.

It looks like there is a BJJ practice at Newborn Jiu Jitsu.
I don’t know what the cost is for the class but it would probably be fun.

Promotional Tournament

This looks like a great opportunity for any brown/black belt to obtain promotion points (or instantly get promoted via Batsugun).
Basically, you get to fight matches against people of similar rank and you receive 1 point for each ippon and .5 point for each win by wazari.
Click here for the 2015- Northwest Yudanshakai Promotional Point Tournament form.

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