Before Thanksgiving workout

Just a reminder that we have practice tonight. There is a rumor that Cheyenne might put in an appearance!
Hope to see everyone there.

Practice this week

Just a reminder that there is practice tonight. Hopefully we will see everyone there.
I checked on the center being open for Wednesday and was told they would be so we should also have practice Wednesday.
Come and earn the Thanksgiving dinner!

East Central Community Center closed (11/18/2015)

Due to the wind storm, the center is closed today. As a result we have to cancel practice.
If you think there is someone who isn’t getting emails from our site, please let them know that practice is cancelled.
Hope everyone is fine and has power.
See all of you on Monday.

No Practice Wednesday (Veterans day)

Just a note that the Community Center is closed on Wednesday Nov. 11 for Veterans day. Because of this, there will be no practice Wednesday. We will be back next Monday.

2015 Continental Crown Results

All of Aleksi’s starving himself payed off! He took 3rd place in the 66 KG division last Saturday at the Continental Crown.
Its sounds like it was close in the championship match with Aleksi going the entire time.
Congratulations Aleksi.

Congratulations on their Promotions

  • Orange:

    • Miles Lewis
  • Yellow/Orange:

    • Callista Behm
  • White/Yellow:

    • Elijah Lopez

The testing for promotion is a good way to make sure that everyone has a thinking understanding of the different techniques. Now the practicing needs to be done to transform that “thinking” into “knowing” so you can execute the techniques without needing to slow down and think about what you are doing.

This week’s Combos: Ouchi Gari / Morote Seoi Nage, and Ouchi Gari to Kouchi Gari

This week we covered two combos.

The first is Ouchi Gari (Major inside reap) to Morote Seoi Nage (Two hand shoulder throw.)

Here is a video of Aleksi performing the combo.

Aleksi perfoming Ouchi Gari to Morote Seoi Nage Combo

The second technique is Ouchi Gari (Major inside reap) to Kouchi Gari (Minor inside reap). This is attacking the same side leg, then alternating to the opposite leg. You can then come right back again and just keep attacking alternating legs until your partner falls over. Good stuff!

Tenth Annual Creston Challenge Cup Tournament

This is on 11/14 and is probably the closest tournament to Spokane.
It looks like a nice tournament and my phone says it is about 3:30 for the drive.
If you are interested in participating, I am going to send in a club roster on 11/7, so let me know before then.
The info on the tournament is here..

Come and celebrate Aleksi’s birthday

Aleksi has come another year closer to death. Come to practice and celebrate this milestone with the traditional throw.
Hope to see everyone there.

2015 Rainier Cup Results

All of the competitors from Spokane Judo did a great job of representing our club. I am truly happy to see people learning and applying judo.

  • 1st

    • Anna Marie Medina
  • 3rd

    • Miles Lewis

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