10th Annual Holiday Party

This years holiday party is coming up fast. We would love to have everyone there. If you haven’t been able to come in a while this is the perfect opportunity to come back!

When: Saturday, 12/17/2016 3:00-6:00

Where: Brett & Anna Marie’s house (2515 E 39th AVE)

What: Judo related discussion, videos, and food (and did I mention the food!). This is a good time to talk up all the times you got that amazing throw that everyone missed. And as a bonus, we will be teaching all of the secret judo techniques to defeat all the people who aren’t there!

We want everyone to come: if you are an active member, we want you; if you haven’t come in a while, we want to see you; members of Pacific, please come; family members and friends, please come.
We will provide some food, if you want to bring something to share, feel free but it isn’t required (unless your are Sensei Oleg who must bring food).

3rd Annual Pacific Northwest Kata Championship

Seiwakan Judojo and Shudokan Judo Dojo are presenting this competition. The competition is on Saturday, Dec. 17 in Portland. The competition is in the afternoon and a kata workshop is held in the morning. Novices are encouraged to attend.

The entry form is here.

Come and workout before Thanksgiving!

Just a reminder, we do have practice tonight. I hope everyone will be there.
Judo is there to help you meet the challenge of Thanksgiving dinner with a caloric deficit!

Just some general news

Just a few unrelated things.

First, we have another new member, Adam. Glad to have him on the mat

Second, last weekend was the Continental Crown tournament in Seattle. Allen went as a referee and passed his test to be a national ref! He can now work as a referee at national tournaments. This is a huge benefit to our club as we now have a current and accurate source of information on the latest rule changes. So any questions we have, Allen is the go to guy!

Finally, at the Continental Crown, Myles Freeman took 2nd in two separate divisions. More importantly, he won his first match with an arm bar! There is always something satisfying about making someone tap out.

No Practice Halloween

The community Center is using the gym for a Halloween event on Monday, so there will be no practice that day. Everyone have a good weekend and Halloween and we will see everyone on Wednesday Nov. 1 at the usual time.

Also, I am really glad to see our new members sticking with judo, it is hard and most people don’t have the discipline to keep coming!

Congratulations on their Promotions!

We have had a lot going on lately, but I have not forgotten!
I am pleased to announce the following promotions. Everyone here exhibited their ability to work hard. Mastery of the techniques is definitely progressing.
Judo just takes a long time to get good.

  • Blue:

    • Myles Freeman
  • Orange/Green:

    • Callista Behm
  • Yellow:

    • Ben Mitchell
    • Bayden Serr
    • Valentine Accursio
    • Liberty Accursio
    • Zion Accursio
  • White/Yellow:

    • Caleb Lefcort
    • Alaina Gott

More New Members

I just wanted to welcome our two new members this week, Peter and James. We are glad to have both of you on the mat.
We have had a lot of new members lately and I am sure I missed welcoming some of you. If so, I apologize, it doesn’t mean anything other than I am at fault.

Hope to see everyone next Monday at practice.

East Central Comunity Center closed Monday (10/10)

The Community Center is closed for Columbus day so we have to cancel practice for Monday 10/10. Have a nice weekend and we will see everyone on Wednesday.
(and great to have all the new members).

Introduction to Judo quite Successful!

I just wanted to thank all of our members for their help in making the introduction to judo class a huge success. I couldn’t believe all the people we had on the mat. Let’s hope they all come back and sign up.
I was truly impressed with how all our members stepped up and helped the new people.
In addition, I wanted to thank Sensei Aaron Hillaire from Sakuma for his help.


I wanted to congratulate Ben and Chris Mitchell for their performance at the tournament last weekend. Both Ben and Chris did an excellent job. Chris took 3rd place and unfortunately, Ben did not place.
It is easy to get caught up in how you could do better, but showing up and competing is an achievement in itself.

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