More New Members

I just wanted to welcome our two new members this week, Peter and James. We are glad to have both of you on the mat.
We have had a lot of new members lately and I am sure I missed welcoming some of you. If so, I apologize, it doesn’t mean anything other than I am at fault.

Hope to see everyone next Monday at practice.

East Central Comunity Center closed Monday (10/10)

The Community Center is closed for Columbus day so we have to cancel practice for Monday 10/10. Have a nice weekend and we will see everyone on Wednesday.
(and great to have all the new members).

Introduction to Judo quite Successful!

I just wanted to thank all of our members for their help in making the introduction to judo class a huge success. I couldn’t believe all the people we had on the mat. Let’s hope they all come back and sign up.
I was truly impressed with how all our members stepped up and helped the new people.
In addition, I wanted to thank Sensei Aaron Hillaire from Sakuma for his help.


I wanted to congratulate Ben and Chris Mitchell for their performance at the tournament last weekend. Both Ben and Chris did an excellent job. Chris took 3rd place and unfortunately, Ben did not place.
It is easy to get caught up in how you could do better, but showing up and competing is an achievement in itself.

Several things

This week, I just have a few unrelated things.

  1. This Monday, Oct. 3rd, we are having another free introduction to judo class. Hopefully we will get some new members and introduce judo to some new people. If all of our current members can attend and help with the class, that would be great. We definitely need the help and your enthusiasm for judo should help inspire people to join.
  2. Speaking of new members, we have 5 new members this week. I would like to welcome (apologies for any misspellings) Timothy, Jared, Joseph, Jordan, and Catherine. Glad to have all of you with us.
  3. Finally, I wanted to say good luck to Chris, Ben, and Allen. Chris and Ben are competing this weekend and Allen is reffing

Backpack left at practice

Someone left a backpack at practice tonight. If it is yours, send me an email or call and we will get it to you.

2016 Continental Crown

This is usually a great tournament with lots of divisions.
The email regarding this tournament is below:

Referees, Sensei’s, Coaches, Athletes and Parents,The Northwest Judo Yudanshakai and Washington State Judo, Inc., would like to invite you to participate in the 2016 Continental Crown Championships, to be held October 28 & 29, 2016, in Seattle, Washington.
This is a Level “E” Tournament & National Referee Examination / Recertification Site.
USJF 2016 Fall MeetingsContact USJF email
Referee Clinic:7 PM Friday, October 28, 2016, at the Doubletree
Hotel Seattle Airport. Coaches encouraged to attend. Fee $25
Weigh in:5 PM to 8 PM, Friday October 28, 2016. For All Athletes.
Blue & White Judo Gi’s are REQUIRED for ALL Competitors Juniors and Seniors.
Entry Form is available on the web at:
Referees planning on attending this event please contact Mr. Harold Yamada, IJF Continental Referee

The entry packet is here.


On Oct. 1, Ippon Dojo is hosting the RAINIER CUP. This is in Tacoma.
This is usually a great tournament and I definitely encourage everyone who can to compete. If you are interested in competing, let me know and I will submit a club list of competitors. The entry packet is here.

No Practice Monday (Labor day)

The Center is closed on Monday 9/5 for the labor day holiday.
I hope to see everyone on Wednesday, back from the summer and pumped up for JUDO!!!

The basics of Judo

Excellent video by Neil Adams and the International Judo Federation (IJF) explaining the basics of sport Judo.

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