January throws

On Monday we covered Morote Seoi Nage (two handed carry back (aka shoulder throw)) and Tsurikomi Goshi (Lifting/Pulling Hip Throw).

Here are the ever present kodokan videos breaking these throws down! Enjoy!

Seoi Nage:

Tsurikomi Goshi:

These videos have a cheesy early 90’s vibe, but the information is solid for the principles of these throws. This series is available all over YouTube if you’d like to learn some other throw.

Here is another very good explanation of Morote Seoi Nage:

Newborn Cascao will host us Monday, Jan 19th.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the East Central Community Center is closed for Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday January 19th.

Friend of the club James Weed of Newborn-Cascao Jiu Jitsu has again offered us to come practice at his place on Monday, and learn a little Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. For members of Spokane Judo, there will be no cost to attending on Monday. Adult class starts at 6:30pm, and there is also a kids class at 5:00pm.

Newborn-Cascao is located at 1604 N Monroe with parking in the back.

BJJ and Judo newaza are close cousins and it is a great chance to pick up some new tricks and test your skills against different people.

MLK day, no Judo

The center is closed on Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday so practice is canceled.

It looks like there is a BJJ practice at Newborn Jiu Jitsu.
I don’t know what the cost is for the class but it would probably be fun.

Promotional Tournament

This looks like a great opportunity for any brown/black belt to obtain promotion points (or instantly get promoted via Batsugun).
Basically, you get to fight matches against people of similar rank and you receive 1 point for each ippon and .5 point for each win by wazari.
Click here for the 2015- Northwest Yudanshakai Promotional Point Tournament form.

Holiday Schedule

Just a reminder about the judo holiday schedule.
We are closed on Christmas Eve (12/24/2014) and on New Year’s eve (12/31/2014).
Other than those days we should have practice, so Saturday 12/27/2014 is our next practice.
Hopefully people can make it.
Merry Christmas.

Judo Holiday Party

The long awaited and much anticipated Spokane Judo party is finally here!
When: Saturday, 12/20/2014 3:00-6:00

Where: Brett & Anna Marie’s house (2515 E 39th AVE)

What: Judo related discussion, videos, food, and general bulking up for the new year.

We would like to see everyone, if you haven’t been to practice in a while, this is the perfect opportunity to come back. If you are just a visitor from Pacific, come and join in. We want everyone and their friends.
If you want to bring something to share, feel free but it isn’t required.

Click here for a downloadable flyer with info.

2015 Washington State Judo Championships

Here is the entry form for the Washington State Championships on 1/17/2015.
Click here to download.

Practice this Saturday

Just a reminder.
Usual time and place.
See everyone there.

Latest Tournament Schedule

I just received this updated tournament schedule.
You can download here.

No practice Wednesday

Just a reminder that practice is canceled for Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
There also will not be Saturday practice this week.
Everyone should eat a lot and we can work harder next week to make up for it.

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