2015 Inland Empire Judo Classic Results

Everyone from Spokane Judo did a nice job at the tournament. Competition is not like practice and you really can’t explain to those that haven’t done it.
You should all take pride in yourselves for getting out there!

  • 1st

    • Cassidy Freeman (15/16 Lt. wt. division)
    • Cassidy Freeman (Senior Novice Division)
  • 2nd

    • Kento Nakamura (Brown/Black heavy wt.)
    • Callista Behm (11/12 Division)
    • Myles Freeman (11-12 boys)
  • 3rd

    • Cassidy Freeman (Brown/Black Lt. Wt. Division)
    • Lucas Lewis (11-12 boys)
    • Miles Lewis (9-10 boys)

No Practice Monday

Just a reminder that Monday is Memorial Day. The community center will be closed so no practice.
Take the opportunity to remember those who have served.

Congratulations on their Promotions

  • Blue:

    • Cassidy Freeman
  • White/Yellow:

    • Jameson Faloon

Both of you worked hard to get where you are. Keep it up.

The current Judo rules


There have been lots of referee/rules questions lately. I just wanted to give a link to the current IJF rules publication intended to cover 2014-2016. There are slight interpretation differences and clarifications for USJF/America/Northwest Yudanshakai etc but this pretty much covers all the nitty gritty details.

Link to IJF website english rules PDF

It is not exciting reading, but anyone who skims through it will be guaranteed to learn something they didn’t know.

Way to go Aleksi

Aleksi’s motto should have been “Veni, vidi, vici”.
As he took 1st place again this weekend in the Seattle Dojo tournament.

Something for us to work on

(continue reading…)

2015 Inland Empire Judo Classic

This is the tournament put on by Pacific judo and it is here in town.
The date is 5/23/2015, the Saturday of Memorial day weekend.
I strongly urge everyone to compete. The travel time is nothing and you have two whole days to recover afterwards.
As I said on Monday, competition is a great way to test what you have learned.
The entry form is here.

The waiver is here.

15th Annual USJF National Kata Conference

Friday, June 19th – Sunday June 21st, 2015
Boise, Idaho

All 7 judo kata will be covered. You can attend for 1, two or all three days.
They are encouraging youth age 10 and up as well as seniors.
This is a great opportunity to see and learn about all the kata of judo.
The entry form is here.
The waiver is here.

Seattle Dojo Tournament

The Seattle Dojo tournament is May 2nd at the Bellevue boys & girls club.
The entry form is here.

Leg sweeps last week

We covered two ashiwaza (leg techniques) at class last week.

The first was Okuri Ashi Harai (following foot sweep)

The second was Harai Tsurikomi Ashi (sweeping lifting/pulling leg)

These are somewhat similar throws in that they are both foot sweeps that take the opponents balance out from under them, but are otherwise very different. In Okuri Ashi Harai you sweep the opponents foot into their other foot, and both go flying out from under them. In Harai Tsurikomi Ashi, while the opponent is retreating, you lift and pull them to load their weight onto you while you sweep out the retreating leg behind them. Both take precise timing to work.

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