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Here are some guidelines regarding what is acceptable when tailoring your judovgi for competition.

Must be long enough to cover the hips, which is measured by putting both hands by your side, both fists clenched. In this position the bottom of you gi jacket must not be higher than in line with your knuckles.
At the front, for both men and women, the jacket crosses left over right at the bottom of the ribs, with a minimum overlap of 20cm from the cross over.
When you arms are extended in front, the sleeves must not come down to less than 5cm from the wrist joint, however, they must not come down further than the wrist joint itself.
The gap between the sleeve and the arm should be at least 10-15cm the entire length of the arm. For those competitors who wear bandages or similar supports under their jacket the measurement is taken from the outer wrapping of the support, so you’ll have to wear a baggier jacket!

Additioanlly, men compete bare chested under their jacket, however, women are required to wear a plain white t-shirt, not a leotard or body suit. This is to ensure that in the case of illness or injury, access to that part of the body is not slowed by tight clothing. Furthermore, the t-shirt must be long enough to be tucked into the waistband of the trousers.

So already you can see that the rules to tailoring judogi to reduce gripping opportunity for the opponent is pretty strict. And that was just about the jacket!

The gap from leg to trousers, as with the sleeves of the jacket, must be 10-15cm all the way up the trousers. The bottom of the trouser should lie above the ankle bone and within 50cm further up the leg. These measurements must incorporate any bandages or support worn, as with the jacket.

The belt
The rules on the belts are not quite so strict, however they must reflect your grade, be long enough to wrap at least twice around your body, tied in a square knot leavng 20-30cm each side of the knot hanging down. The different colour of belts are shown in our “How to Start Judo Section”.

A word on advertising
Judogi have been adorned in the past with some extravagant and often large badges, therefore in May 1994 the International Judo Federation developed criteria about what may be attached to the judogi, and here is a brief outline of what they decided.

The Jacket
The highest representative badge (whether it be club, area or country), should be sewn on the left breast of the jacket, a maximum size of 10 x 10cm. On the shoulder there may be a sponsors strip or club/country colours measuring no more than 25 x 5cm. On the skirt of the jacket the competitor may have his/her name embroidered, but must be no bigger than 3 x 10cm.
The only other adornemnts are manufacturers logos on the upper arm of one sleeve, no larger than 10 x 10cm or a sponsors logo/badge on each sleeve measuring 5 x 10cm.

On the back of the jacket the only advertising are the patches provided to competitors with regards to the tournaments they are competing in. These can display the name of the competitor, his/her number or the country they are representing.

The Trousers and Belt
The only adornment on the trousers should be the judoka’s name embroidered just below the waist band, the same size as allowd on the skirt of the jacket, and it should not cause the wearer’s opponent any difficulty.
The belt can display the competitors name embroidered onto it, but no larger than 3 x 10cm.
For the female competitors, there is no advertising or logos permitted on their t-shirts, plain white only.

2 thoughts on “Judo Gi

  • Question:
    do long pants and sleeves have to be sown or can you just roll them up?

    And if your kids sleeves are long and you have to take then in 2-3inches, doesnt taht make that wrist region extra thick?

  • I don’t think you can sow them shorter, but what you can do is try to shrink them to a smaller size. Yes, you can roll them up during practice but during competition its a no-go. Be sure to ask one of the Sensei’s for a more precise answer.

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