Analyzing Randori

Hey, we had a great class tonight.  We got to refresh on our Ouchi gari and combo of Ouchi gari to ippon seoi nage (thanks for teaching that Paul!).  We’ve covered that in previous posts so I won’t go into it again.

I ran across this video by Matt D’aquino from Australia that I thought was valuable.  When you are doing randori, and you get thrown, don’t just flush it from your mind hop back up and get thrown again.  At least pause long enough to think how did I get thrown?  What grip did they use?  How did they set it up?  If you answer those questions (quickly), you will have a strategy next time to be prepared for the same attack, or to take a different grip or movement pattern so you don’t open yourself up again.
I thought it was valuable!


See everyone on Wednesday at 6:00pm!

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