Basics: Mae Ukemi (Front Breakfall)

The basics of Judo are important for us to remember and focus on. Tonight, Sensei Marci talked a little about the front break falls. When performing them, especially in warm up, you should focus on doing it as correctly as possible.

Key Points:

  • Your stomach/core muscles should be tight and not touch the ground
  • Your head should turn sideways – in a real fall this can help you not break your nose. By practicing the muscle memory to turn your head, you might save a surgery.
  • Your arms and hands should hit the ground in front of you with a slap
  • At the end you should be on your arms and toes without your legs, stomach or sideways turned head touching the ground.

When we are practicing these techniques in warmup, take the time to try to do each one perfect; this is practicing Judo.

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